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My 2017 Planner + 5 Organization Tips

Hey Guys! Are you unsure of how to stay organized for the new year? You have thought of a planner but you don’t know how to organize it so it’s efficient? Well, this is the blog post for you! Today I am showing you my planner for 2017 as well as a few tips to organize your planner 🙂 Enjoy!

My 2017 Planner:

Let’s start off with the planner I use. I got this planner from Chapters Book Store and I am in LOVE! Like seriously, how cute is this planner?  I can’t get over the watercolor cover! I knew I wanted a weekly planner because that is what I personally prefer, becuase I like being able to see my tasks a week at a time. This planner also breaks up each day nicely. It has lots of room for me to write my day to day tasks and appointments, which is what I was mostly looking for. It also has the generic month overview before the breakdown of the weekly pages. I am a big fan of the notes section included each week in this planner. It is perfect to write To-Do lists and other important notes. In the notes section, I like having a weekly running To-Do List and School Hand-In List!

5 Planner Organization Tips:

1. Write down everything in your planner the weekend before the upcoming week: I like to write down all my activities and things usually on Saturday or Sunday before the upcoming week. I do that so I can have everything laid out and prepared for. It’s much easier going into the week organized and knowing what you need to accomplish, rather than scatter brained and stressed!
2. Make a legend: This is something I just recently thought of, but it is so much easier to keep your planner organized with this quick tip. I went to the back of my planner and drew different symbols that would represent different things. For example, a square outline was a task. When that task is in progress, fill in half the square. When the task is completed, fill in the whole square. See the picture below to see what I did for my legend 😀
3. Color-code your planner: This is helpful if you want to take a quick glance at your planner and see certain things. For me, school is pink, so if I need to quickly see what is going on for School that week, I just glance at all the pink writing. This may seem a little tedious, but for visual people like myself, it’s soooo helpful 🙂
4. Use lists to help organize your different ideas: Lists can be a lifesaver! I make a lot of To-Do lists so I can easily visualize what I need to get done. It also helps me to make sure I don’t forget anything. Lists can seriously save your butt if you use them, so I highly suggest you make lists of whatever is needed in your planner. Here are some ideas if you are stuck 🙂

Lists Ideas for your planner:

– the super obvious daily to-do
– monthly spending/budget/expenses
– birthdays
-book reads or books to read
– packing (travel) list of things not to forget
– bucket list
– wish list (to have ready for those relatives and friends who ask you what you want and you never know what to say)
– grocery list or meal planning
– new years resolutions/yearly goals (check last blog post for an idea 😉
– songs you NEED to listen to or music you absolutely LOVE
– and much, much more
5. For all those crafty people out there, decorate your planner: This is something that you definitely don’t have to do, so totally optional. I don’t really “decorate” my planner, but if you want to spice it up and make it more personal I say go for it! You could use washi tape, stickers, little quotes, pictures etc. There are tons of Pinterest and YouTube tutorials on how to decorate your planner if you are interested 🙂
Well, that pretty much wraps up my 2017 planner blog post! I really hope you enjoyed and found this somewhat helpful 🙂  If you could please share this on social media or with your friends that would be greatly appreciated! You can also follow me on Pinterest, Bloglovin and Google Plus! I hope you guys have an amazing, organized, and incredible new year! See you next time 😉
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  • Reply
    03/04/2017 at 8:53 pm

    Great post Taiya! After I read this post, I actually went to buy a planner! Now I use it like ALL the time! I look forward to your next post!

  • Reply
    03/04/2017 at 11:34 pm

    Your planner is soooo adorable!! I have one and use it ALL the time!! These tips will definitely help me stay organized! Keep it up girly 💕😋

  • Reply
    04/04/2017 at 7:59 pm

    Wow! Great tips! Thank you so much, Taiya!

  • Reply
    Rebecca @ Joy Unspeakable
    28/08/2017 at 12:46 am

    Love it!

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