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Are Townie Cruiser Bikes Worth It?

Hey girl! How has your summer been? I have been all over the place this summer travelling and it has been so much fun! I am so excited about today’s post because it is all about townie cruiser bikes, and I have been wanting one since I was little! I partnered with Electra to show you guys their bikes and give you my review on the bike! Keep reading to see what I think:

Who else dreamed of a bright cruiser bike as a kid? I sure did! Especially a turquoise one, that was the dream, anyone else?

I have taken my townie bike from Electra everywhere with me this past summer so I could test it out and give a well-rounded review for you guys! I’ve ridden it around the city where I live, I took it to BC with me on trails throughout the forest, I’ve taken it on the boardwalk along the coast, you name it!

Does The Townie Bike Work On All Terrains?.

Yes, and no. Townies do a great job of handling all bumps on paths and roads, but they are not meant for all terrains. If you are looking to go mountain biking, this probably isn’t the bike for you, but, if you are wanting to cruise around town and go for a leisurely sunset bike ride or go for a ride and get some ice cream in the summer, this is the bike for you!

My Favourite Features Of The Bike:

My townie cruiser has 7 gears, which is such a blessing for a cruiser bike! Having all the gears is so helpful for going downhill, uphill, and trying to go places quickly! I also loooove the plush women’s seat! I find all other bike seats so uncomfortable and I’ve had quite a few people agree with me! It’s so comfy to ride, that my mom has been borrowing it to take to work! She always asks to borrow my bike instead of hers because of how comfy it is!

You Won’t Believe The Compliments I’ve Gotten!

Almost everywhere I’ve gone I’ve gotten compliments on my bike! A ton of my friends and family have commented on my bike and said how much they like it and even strangers have commented on how much they like my bike. When I was travelling through BC and stopped at a gas station for gas, an older lady that worked there asked me if that was my bright blue bike on the back of the vehicle and I said yes! She went on about how much she loved my bike and how it reminded her of a bike she had when she was younger, then she called over her other female coworkers to come adore the bike! It’s quite the crowd pleaser 😉

Is The Townie Bike Worth It?

If you love riding a bike around and going for ice creams, going on bike rides along the forest or by the river, exploring new areas of your city by bike, and cruising around your home, then this is definitely the bike for you! It is so comfy and perfect for long trail rides or a short cruise around! This bike has been my dream bike for so long I am SO happy with it so far!

If you want to check out my bike on the Electra website, click this link!

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Comment below what you think of my townie bike! Are you wanting a townie bike of your own? Comment what you think and any questions you have below!

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