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Babysitting 101: Dealing With Kids

Hey, girl! Ready for more babysitting tips and tricks? You are preapred for babysitting with your checklist, your essentials kit is packed, you have a list of activity ideas in your head, and now you are thinking, what now? In this final post of my Babysitting 101 series, I am giving you guys tips and tricks on impressing the parents, dealing with unhappy kids, how to get kids to listen to you, and more!

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Impressing The Parents:

  • Clean up after the kids are done playing something. To avoid the house getting completely trashed, simply clean up after each activity before starting something new.
  • When the kids go to sleep, take the time to tidy up the place a little so it looks exactly how it was when the parents left. Straighten the pillows on the couch, wash the counters, put away any toys that got forgotten, etc.
  • Always, always, always do the dishes after a snack or meal. If I know I will be staying when the kids are sleeping, I will save the dishes for when they are sleeping, but if not, always do the dishes before the parents get home. They definitely don’t want to come home to dirty dishes.
  • Dress respectively. I wouldn’t suggest wearing any overly graphic t-shirts or jeans with an excessive amount of rips. I would recommend something simple and somewhat professional 🙂
  • Provide feedback and tell them how the day went and any important information they should know. Always fill in the parents when they got home how the day was and if the kids were behaving themselves.
  • Show up on time. It never hurts to be 10-15 minutes early, (I would recommend 20-30 minutes early if this is your first time babysitting for the family) This gives the parents time to go over instructions, meal times, bedtimes, etc. without being late for their outing.
  • Come prepared kid friendly (with things to do!) If you haven’t read my Babysitting 101 post on Your Essential Babysitting Kit, you can read it here. I talk about what to bring and it comes with a FREE checklist so you don’t forget anything!

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How To Get The Kids To Listen To You:

  • Be nice and friendly, but don’t let them push you around. Make sure they are clear you are in charge but be too controlling
  • Establish ground rules.
  • Communicate to the parents if the kids aren’t listening to you. I know this may be hard telling the parent’s that their child is misbehaving, trust me I have a hard time with this myself, however, I am 100% sure they will appreciate you communicating with them 🙂
  • If that still isn’t working, discuss with the parents’ strategies or consequences to implement when the child is misbehaving. Try starting the conversation with something like “I really enjoy babysitting Alex, but I am having difficulties with a few things and I am wondering if you could please give me a few tips or strategies I could use….or what consequences could I give him?


How To Deal With Sad or Mad Children:

  • Remain calm, don’t freak out or get overly upset at the kids.
  • Give them some time, if they run to their room give them a few minutes to think and cool down.
  • If they are sad about something or missing their parents try to distract them by asking them to play games, if all else fails you can turn on their favorite movie and eventually they will forget about being sad.

How to Be The Best Babysitter On The Block:

  • Always play with the kids. Don’t just supervise, that’s no fun for them, play with them 😀
  • Never go on your phone while babysitting unless you are checking if their parents called. If you are getting paid to be with the kids and playing with them, I am pretty sure the parents won’t be impressed if they find out you were on your phone, LOL.
  • Be energetic and upbeat! Kids love it when you are positive and excited to hang out with them 🙂


Well, that’s it for the last post in my Babysitting 101 Series! I hope you guys found this series helpful! Since my blog is directed towards teen girls, what girl wouldn’t want to make a little money to go shopping? I know I wouldn’t! 😉 Anyway, what would you guys like to see next? I am thinkin’ maybe a Spring Outfit Ideas post coming soon? Or would you guys like to see a new series? Hit me up in the comments, girl! Ttyl 😀

Other Posts in My Babysitting 101 Series:

#1 – Preparing To Babysit

#2 – Your Essential Babysit Kit

#3 – The Ultimate Fun Guide

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    Great post, Taiya! This was a great series. 😀 I hope that you do another series soon. 😉

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