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Babysitting 101: The Ultimate Fun Guide


Hey, girl! Welcome to the third post in my series, Babysitting 101! Not sure what to do with the kids when you are babysitting? Don’t have any original activity ideas or games in mind? In this Babysitting 101 post, I show you tons of activity ideas for you to do with the kids you are babysitting and the ultimate fun guide for well, fun! So I will stop talking now, and let’s get into it!

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Babysitting 101 Posts:

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Have you ever gone over to a house to babysit and thought, what on earth should I do to keep these kids entertained without simply turning on the Tv? Well, do I have solutions for you! Here is a HUGE list of with original activity ideas!


My Go-To Babysitting Activities:

  • Board Games (There are seriously tons of different board games for all different age categories. Some of my favorites for kids are Uno, Guess Who, Twister, and Headbanz!
  • Cars (with a car mat or without, or you can have races!)
  • Blocks/Lego (build a mini town, and include the cars!)
  • Musical Instruments (One of the girls I babysit, loooooves singing. I know a few simple chords to the ukulele so I would search up the chords to her favorite song so she could sing along. She loved singing along and I swear she wouldn’t ever stop unless we had to. This may sound like a super weird idea, but if you have a musical background (maybe piano!) and the kids have one at their house, play for them or teach them a few basic songs! The parents will totally appreciate you taking the time to help their kids be musical!)
  • Read them their favorite books (or let them read you a story!)
  • Play balloon volleyball (you can’t let the balloon touch the ground!)
  • Play with Playdough (try making different objects out of the Playdough)
  • Do a crazy puzzle (they come in all different sizes, perfect for different ages)
  • Make up a play/have a puppet show
  • Draw pictures/coloring sheets
  • Make a snack together (you will obviously want the parent’s permission to the fridge and/or pantry beforehand)
  • Make up a fun dance (to their favorite song)
  • Write a story together (you can take turns making up different parts of the story)
  • Build the ultimate fort
  • Play tag/games in the backyard (There is literally an endless list of different types of tag; freeze tag, toilet tag, Tv tag…….)
  • Play hopscotch and draw pictures on the driveway with chalk
  • Make a scavenger hunt (with clues or hide something and have them find it with a treasure map)

Quick Babysitting Tips:

-Avoid the Tv if possible, parent’s would much rather you do something fun and active with the kids like going outside or playing board games vs. you simply turning on the Tv.

-If you plan on doing any crafts, make sure to have the parents permission beforehand. They might not want you to use paint, markers etc. while they are gone because it can create a big mess.

-Always, always, always, clean up before the parents get home. It will show them you are responsible and they will be a lot more impressed if their house is exactly how it was when they left and tidy.

Bring Toys:

I can’t even tell you how exciting new toys are too little kids. Seriously, anything that isn’t their own is like gold for whatever reason šŸ˜€ If you want to go an extra step, bring toys with you! I remember my old babysitter used to bring board games with her every now and then (I <3 board games) and I LOVED it! Here are some links to board games you can bring with you!

Bringing toys, board games, coloring sheets, craft supplies etc. with you will be a definite way to have a blast with the kids šŸ™‚

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Well, that’s all for today! I hope you guys are enjoying my Babysitting 101 series! If you haven’t read the other posts in the series, make sure to do so! I have 2 FREEBIES so far that correspond with the posts as well so if you want those make sure to subscribe to my mailing list šŸ™‚ If you join my list, you will receive updates on when I post, exclusive FREEBIES, and of course, join my #girl squad! See you later šŸ˜€

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