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How To Repurpose Your Favourite Clothes Many Ways!

Hey girl! Do you have a few favourite pieces in your closet that you would wear over and over if you could, but don’t want to repeat the same outfits over and over? I feel you! Here’s how you can repurpose and wear your favourite pieces in many ways for different outfits! 

The Classic Hoodie:

Who doesn’t love wearing a hoodie all day, every day? If you think of only wearing leggings with your hoodies, I’m here to change your mind! There are so many cute trendy ways to style a hoodie! 

  1. Pair your hoodies under a classy knee-length jacket or jean jacket! And for bottoms, I’d go with my staple pair of boyfriend jeans or leggings!
  2. Athleisure wear! -matching sets of sweatpants and hoodies paired together! 
  3. Oversized hoodie, boyfriend jeans, and chunky sneaks – Or, for a spring option… biker shorts!!!

Doc Martens/Lace-Up Boots:

Are you a doc’s girl? I recently got a pair of knock-off white doc’s that I’m in LOVE with! I was unsure at first if I could pull off statement boots but I look how classy and stylish they make my outfits look! If you are a chunky boot girl, the same goes for chunky white sneakers or A1’s! 

  1. Rolled Mom Jeans – a classic look you can’t go wrong with! And your options for tops are endless! A dainty blouse, graphic tee, chunky sweater, anything! You can’t go wrong?
  2. Dress and Doc’s – a spicy-girly look! What’s more trendy than a cute flirty dress with some statement boots? 
  3. Midi Skirt and Tee – tuck your favourite oversized tee into a midi skirt, add your boots, and you’re golden!  

Your Favourite Midi Dress:

Do you have a few springy midi-dresses that you feel like you can’t wear any other time other than spring or summer? Well, girl… pull out your dresses it’s time to mix it up! 

  1. Turtlenecks, turtlenecks, turtlenecks – still chilly where you are? Pair a plain coloured or mesh long sleeve or turtleneck under your dress! I promise it looks stunning! 
  2. Sneaks and a dress – got a pair of chucks hiding in your closet? It’s an easy throw together outfit that is always cute and trendy! 


Did this help you? I hope now you can look at your closet with fresh eyes and think of all the new ways you can pair your favourite pieces in different ways! 

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