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Room Decorating 101 + Tips

Hey guys! Have you ever been decorating your room and thought, “this just doesn’t look right?” No matter what to do, it just looks off somehow and you can’t figure out why? Well, I got you covered today with my Room Decorating Tips and How To Decorate Your Room 101. These tips and tricks will help you to decorate your room like a pro, and make your room look like it’s straight out of a magazine! Who doesn’t want that? 😉

*not all of these photos in the post are mine, some I found on Pinterest to help explain my points 🙂 Credits to rightful owners*

1.  Keep it Minimal

Reduce the Clutter: This is SOOOO essential when decorating your room. If there is too much clutter everywhere, the space you are decorating is going to instantly look messy, and unorganized, which is something you definitely do not want. Keep it minimal, better to have less than too much. Ps. <3 the minimal decor on this shelf!

2. Plants

PLANTS! I can not express how much plants can transform a space, seriously. I probably sound insane right now, but trust me. Plants add greenery and life to your space. Plants, honestly, work well in any room whether it is succulents, a potted palm tree, little teeny tiny cacti, or air plants. Plus, there are tons of cute ways to pot plants that can match the style or “theme” you are going for. I have 3 plants in my room right now, two small succulents, and an air plant in a terrarium and they add so much to a room.decorating

3. Rule Of Three

This trick, is a LIFESAVER. For example,  say you have an empty night table you want to decorate. You are going to want to pick three items all with different heights. One tall, one medium sized, and one small. This will add more depth and interest to your space, and trust me, it looks amazing every. single. time. If all the objects on the night table were the same height, the space will be really boring and the pieces won’t go together nicely.

4. Neutral Walls

If you are someone who switches out the decor in their room and moves around their furniture every month, like myself, I recommend having your walls a neutral color. I know white may seem super basic and boring, but it makes all your decor stand out more. If you like having bright decor like pink and gold, let’s say, having a purple wall will throw everything off. Sticking to neutral walls means you can switch up your decor and furniture any time without worrying about clashing with the walls.

5. Book Stacking

Okay, you may think I’m crazy, but stacking a couple books on top of each other and then putting a piece of decor on the top, can look so amazing. However, I am not talking just any books here, noooo way. You only want to show your pretty ones 😀 In my room, I have a marble notebook and a black and white striped notebook on top of each other with a gold decor piece on top. Adding the books makes it look a lot more magazine worthy vs. the decor piece standing by itself. Then again, I wouldn’t do this to every piece of decor you own

6. Put Your Clutter On a Tray

If you do have lots of little clutter, try placing it on a tray, it will look so much better. I often take my perfumes, ring holder, bracelets, ect. and place it on a tray. If you just have the one tray piece on your night table, it will look so much better than those pieces by themselves looking cluttered. I really hope I am making sense, LOL. BONUS: If you want to spice up a tray, add a mirror piece to the bottom. I found lots of small mirrors at the dollar store for super cheap! Just find one that fits, place it in the bottom of your tray, and viola!

7. Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are the perfect solution for a blank, boring wall. There are TONS of prints on Pinterest that you can get for FREE! Using all different shapes and sizes of frames looks very magazine worthy. But be careful the colors of your frames don’t clash. You can try sticking to a color pallette or using the same colored frames, but different shapes/sizes. Ps. I pinned tons of posts on how to make a gallery wall on my Pinterest
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8. Change Out The Knobs On Furniture

Do you have furniture you are sick of? A quick and cheap fix is changing out the knobs. You can get really nice classy ones from the hardware store or super funky ones from your local craft store. Switching out the knobs can give your furniture a fresh look! DIY your own knobs here.

9.  Area Rugs and Throw Rugs

Rugs can add an extra cozy feeling to your room. Area rugs are perfect for hardwood floors! If you want to go an extra step, try throwing a faux fur rug onto the back of your office or couch chair! It will look just like the magazines 🙂
Ps. I LOVE the rug on this chair! Also, see what I mean about the plants?

10: Textured Pillows

Last, but not least, textured pillows. Sticking to a color palette but having different textures like woven, faux fur, sequins etc. will make your couch or bed look A. MA. ZING. and totally magazine worthy!
I hope you guys enjoyed these Room Decorating Tips and How To Decorate Your Room 101. I hope these tips will get your room poppin and magazine-worthy in no time! Comment down below which one was your favorite, I would love to hear from you 🙂 Also, feel free to email me pictures of when you try these tips out at [email protected]! Ttyl 🙂
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