Coupon Codes + Favourite Brands

Hey girl! I love sharing and being an ambassador for companies I truly believe in and love! I always make sure that whatever companies and brands I mention on my blog I fully trust and genuinely love.

I have been so lucky as to work with quite a few companies and be an ambassador for them! I thought I would create a blog page where you can find the links to all of the companies I love and any coupon codes I have been given to share with my followers as well!

I hope you enjoy this little list of companies I love and take advantage of the amazing coupon codes! Click the images to check out the brands!

I love FabFitFun boxes and I was so excited when I found out they had a rep program so I could share their boxes with other teens! They are PACKED with full sized beauty and lifestyle goodies! Use the code “FIRSTBOX” for $10 off your first box!

Sancloud helps marine life in danger all over the world! They dontate 10% of all profits to saving marine life and I love supporting good causes! Use the code “TaiyaMad25” for 25% off your order!

Wear Lively has A-MA-ZING athletic wear and comfortable clothing and under garments! They also have an awesome swim line! You seriously have to check out Wear Lively if you love comfy clothes! Use the code “AMB-taiyamaddison” if you make a purchase! Shop here!

If you haven’t heard of Dormify before, I don’t where you have been 😉 Dormify is THE best one-stop shop for any room related. They have room decor, furniture, wall pieces, jewelry accessions and holders, seriously anything! Click this link to use my 20% off discount! You won’t regret it!

Hello Honey is one of my favourite online boutiques! Their clothes are adorable! They always have trendy pieces, accessories, and shoes! You have to check them out here


Companies I Love:

Click the images to shop the brands and companies that I love!


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