Coupon Codes + Favourite Brands

Hey girl! I love sharing and being an ambassador for companies I truly believe in and love! I always make sure that whatever companies and brands I mention on my blog I fully trust and genuinely love.

I have been so lucky as to work with quite a few companies and be an ambassador for them! I thought I would create a blog page where you can find the links to all of the companies I love and any coupon codes I have been given to share with my followers as well!

I hope you enjoy this little list of companies I love and take advantage of the amazing coupon codes! Click the images to check out the brands!

I honestly love Xo Peachy Box! They were the first brand I ever collaborated with and I have been working with them ever since! I am an ambassador for their company and they gave me a coupon code to share with all of you! Use the code “XOTAIYA” for 25% off your first box!

I love FabFitFun boxes and I was so excited when I found out they had a rep program so I could share their boxes with other teens! They are PACKED with full sized beauty and lifestyle goodies! Use the code “FIRSTBOX” for $10 off your first box!

Sancloud helps marine life in danger all over the world! They dontate 10% of all profits to saving marine life and I love supporting good causes! Use the code “TaiyaMad25” for 25% off your order!


Companies I Love:

Click the images to shop the brands and companies that I love!


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