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Winter Room Decor + Easy DIY’S

Hey, Guys! Today’s post is winter room decor plus two quick, easy, and cheap DIY’s! I wanted to do a winter room decor post before I get into Christmas posts! 🙂 (Ps. It looks like the Christmas Room Decor is winning the poll so far) These are great ideas for the winter season that aren’t Christmas specific. They are perfect for the whole winter season and I hope you enjoy!



– Frame of your choice (mine is from Walmart)
– White paper
– Sharpie

How To:

This is probably the easiest DIY ever. All you need to do is pick a drawing/picture of your choice and put it in a frame xD I know this isn’t really winter related but I wanted to include it anyway. I chose this eyelash drawing I found on Pinterest and I think it is so cute.



– Mason Jar
– Fake tree (from Micheal’s)
– Fake snow (also from Michael’s)
– Hot glue gun

How to:

So for this DIY, all you need to do is hot glue the two parts of the mason jar lid together. Then, glue the bottom of the fake mini tree to the inside of the lid so when you put the jar upside down, the tree is standing up (hopefully that makes sense). Then, fill the jar with fake snow, screw on the lid and you are good to go!

Winter Room Decor:

– Pinecones are great to lay around on night tables and trays. They are perfect for the in-between time of fall and winter. These ones I have with fake snow and glitter on them are from Michael’s.
Fairy lights: I love to add lights to my room all year round, but especially the Christmas and Wintertime. I put some lights from the Dollar store at the top of my wire board, and I used Fairy Lights over my bed to mimic a headboard! I just used tacks in the wall to wrap the wire around them to create the “corner” in the headboard shape and then taped the ends to my chalkboard! (Please don’t mind how the chalkboard says Fall, I forgot to change it haha)
– Throw blankets: and an overload of throw pillows is also a must for the winter season. Walmart has great inexpensive blankets and pillows if you are looking for some. You can also get really cheap (and I mean cheap) pillow covers (no stuffing inside included) off Amazon.
Candles: I also took some twine and wrapped it around a plain white candle to simply make it look cuter and more interesting. I love wrapping twine around jars and vases, it gives it such a cool extra touch!
Marble Slabs: need I say more? I am obsessed with ANYTHING marble. I found this marble slab (used to be a cutting board) from the thrift store this summer for $4!!! I l love to put different decor pieces on it.
I hope you guys enjoyed this little post! I just briefly wanted to show you guys what my room currently looks like before I Christmas-ify it. You guys can definitely look forward to some Christmas posts coming soon so stay tuned and check back in soon! Also, last thing, my Stella & Dot online ordering party is still going on so make sure to check that post out! 🙂 Talk to you guys later 😀
Ps. My friend also has a blog all about horses that is AMAZING, so if you are interested, make sure to check her out! Her blog is: http://www.horsechatwithkeeley.com

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    03/04/2017 at 8:55 pm

    Your room is super cute Taiya! Loved this post!

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    03/04/2017 at 9:55 pm

    Ahhh these are GORGEOUS! Gotta try some 😀

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    04/04/2017 at 1:04 am

    These are cuuuute!! I will for sure put these on my list of DIYs to make! Great job Tay! 😘

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    04/04/2017 at 7:19 pm

    I love this post!!! 😀 You should make more on DIY projects!

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